About DigitalGoods

DigitalGoods is a project I (Dennis Ray) started in Winter of 2017 in order to help you, fellow digital warriors, create and grow awesome online businesses that generate a reliable passive income on the world wide web.

Who are you, Dennis Ray?

I’m an online entrepreneur who started his ‘career’ at the ripe age of 13, building websites, creating online communities, and having crazy digital adventures. I was dubbed a marketing prodigy from a young age, and it looked like my path to making tons of money online was paved with gold.

It didn’t matter how, I was surely gonna do it.

Fast forward 10 years, I’m a college dropout living in my mom’s basement, and at 23 years of age, while my friends are out building their careers, I’m mindlessly playing Warcraft and settling for making a few hundred bucks from odd web development and coding jobs to tend to my pizza needs.

I was waiting for the universe to hand success over to me on a silver platter. I wasn’t trying too hard in anything I did because I was used to things easily going my way.

But when my girlfriend put an ultimatum on us moving in together, I realized that I have to stop messing around.

I embarked on a journey of creating a successful online business that can support the kind of lifestyle I imagined I’d have as a grown-up.

Work from my laptop, anywhere in the world, and make enough money to not care about money.”

About 2 years later, or 735 days to be exact, my little online business reached the $1,000,000 profit milestone, exclusively from online sales.

My First Million
I’m extremely lucky to have friends who support my journey. Oh, that’s me in the center!

How did DigitalGoods come to life?

It’s an utter cliche, but the truth is… For years I’ve been getting hundreds of questions via email and on Facebook from friends, guys from my high-school and complete strangers who are looking to make money online. So I decided to start DigitalGoods in order to share what I learned in over a decade of online endeavours, and 4 years of actual success.

If you’re serious about creating an online income you can rely on, I won’t bore you with beaten to death ‘quitting the rat race’ articles..

…Instead, I’ll share practical advice on where you should direct your efforts, what’s working right now, and what the most successful online entrepreneurs are doing.

Can you still create a successful online business in 2018?

Yes! The ship hasn’t sailed, nor will it ever.

As technology marches forward, new markets are brought to life, and new opportunities appear to create extraordinary online businesses.

Your job is to have the right tools and the right mindset to spot them, and that’s exactly what DigitalGoods is here to help you with.